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All My Sister's Computer Are Belong To Us...

Posted by Pl511 on July 14, 2010 at 4:19 AM

As you can see from the Pokémon Rumble and the Explorers of Sky review (and the obsessively large guide to Pokémon Rumble), this week I'm trying to make up for all my previous inactivity. Basically, after a long time I've finally decided to put some work into Gaming Pool.

Okay, now I've got a question I think everyone has been asking - where is the Spartan - Total Warrior review? I mean, I know that SpottyCows has done it, but has it been uploaded or not? I'm pretty confused at its empty link on the PS2 Wiki page. Could you IM me SpottyCows?

Oh, and an answer to another question people have been asking me. No, you do not need to write as much as I do. I would write a much smaller amount for most reviews, but for some I feel that I have to explain stuff in detail (and also I start getting obsessive, and it turns into an epic). Also, to see how long one of your own guides would be, check out the new Pokémon Rumble Guide. No, not as much as that. You see the first section about Natures and Abilities? That small section is about as much as a guide needs to be. On the Pokémon Rumble Guide, I have compacted many guides together. I will be seperating it when it goes on the Wiki.

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