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Halo: Reach Guide

Posted by Pl511 on October 11, 2010 at 4:33 PM
Halo: Reach - Guide
Avatar Award Unlocks

Carter's Helmet - Clear a Campaign mission on Legendary without dying.

- To do this, get close to the end of a mission on legendary, dying as many times as you like. Then, save your progress. Return to the level and finish it. This will trick the game into giving you the helmet.

Emile's Helmet - Earn a Bulltrue medal in either Multiplayer or Firefight Matchmaking.

- The 'Bulltrue' medal is received for killing an opponent as he lunges for you with the standard R-Trigger attack. To get this, I would recommend trying in Multiplayer. You will really get this randomly, but an easier way is to vote for any 'Infection' game type. Hide near a corner, pull out your shotgun and wait. When an enemy comes towards you, switch off any Camo and back away quickly. This will force them to come to you, so they will use the faster attack, and probably hit the R-Trigger. You can then either side-step and Melee attack them for an instant kill, or try your luck with the shotgun. Remember that you will only have one chance in an Infection game type, so be careful to avoid any encounters that you know you will be able to win.

Jorge's Helmet - Earn a Killtacular in multiplayer Matchmaking.

- To get a 'Killtacular' medal, kill 5 enemies in 4 seconds. Yeah. Hard. I recommend trying the top floor of a Big Team Battle Spire, as you can find an Energy Sword and other strong weapons IN THE SAME PLACE. Also, it is a highly trafficked place, and if you use Active Camo, you can do it easily. Also, try Boardwalk, as you can get both the Plasma Launcher AND the Rocket Launcher within five seconds of each other.

Jun's Helmet - Kill 100 enemies in a row without dying in either the Campaign or Firefight.

- To do this in about 3 minutes, set your shields, health and damage to max and turn on 'Bottomless Clip' for your weapons (unlimited ammo AND you don't have to reload) on a custom Firefight game (Note: Get rid of Generators!) and set the difficulty to Legendary.

Kat's Helmet - Avenge a teammate's death in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

- EASY. Basically, look for encounters with two or more fighting opponents on a normal Team Slayer match. Wait, and if your teammate dies, finish off the weakened opponent.




Firefight Achievement Farming


With this easy method, over 300 G can be earned. To do this change the following settings:

Game Options

Firefight Settings and Wave Properties


Skulls on: Mythic, Catch, Tough Luck, Famine, Tilt, Black Eye, Grunt Birthday, Cowbell, IWHBYD.

Waves: Initial, Main and Boss

Uses Dropship: Enabled

Squad Selection Order: Ordered

All Squads: Elites

(Remember to adjust ALL of the waves to these settings.)


Bonus Wave Duration: 2 Minutes

Uses Dropship: Enabled

Skulls on: Mythic, Catch, Tough Luck, Famine, Cloud, Tilt, Black Eye, Grunt Birthday, Cowbell, IWHBYD.

Squad Selection Order: Random

All Squads: Elites

Wave Properties menu

Game Options/Firefight Settings menu


Wave Limit: No Limit

Turn Count: No Turns

Time Limit: No Limit

Generator Properties menu


Generator Count: Disabled

Spawn Order: Sequence

Loss Condition: Lose All

Scenario Settings Menu


Hazards: Disabled

Weapon Drops: Enabled

Ammo Crates: Enabled

Game Options Menu

Spartan Settings

Base Traits Menu: Shields and Health

Damage Resistance: Invulnerable

Immune to Headshots: Enabled

Immune to Assassination: Enabled (Note: This is VERY important. Even if you are invulnerable, you will still be immune to Assassination. Remember to check this one.)

Base Traits Menu: Weapons and Damage


Damage Modifier: 300%

Melee Modifier: 300%

Primary Weapon: Rocket Launcher

Secondary Weapon: DMR

Starting Equipment: Jet Pack

Infinite Ammo: Bottomless Clip

Equipment Usage: Unlimited

Base Traits Menu: Movement


Player Speed: 200% (You can go higher, but it gets a bit crazy)

Base Traits Menu: Sensors


Motion Tracker Mode: Enhanced Mode

Motion Tracker Range: 150 Meters


With all these settings in place, the following achievements can be earned as follows:

Lucky Me: Earn a 'Triple Kill' medal while Jetpacking.

A Spoonful of Blamite: Kill 10 enemies in Firefight or Campaign with a supercombine explosion. (Turn the weapon settings to 75% damage for your own guns. This will make supercombine explosions easier. Then pick up a Needler or Needle Rifle, and you're done.)

An Elegant Weapon...: Kill 10 enemies in a Firefight or Campaign session with the DMR.

Blaze of Glory: Score 200,000 points in Firefight.

Crowd Control: Earn a 'Killionaire' medal (10 kills within 4 seconds) in Firefight.

Firestarter: Score 50,000 points in Firefight.

Game, Set, Match: Complete 1 Firefight set on Legendary without dying.

Heat in a Pipe: Score 1,000,000 points in Firefight.

I See You Favour a .45: Kill 10 Enemies in Firefight or Campaign with the M6G pistol.

That's a Knife: Do an Assassination on an enemy.


Other Achievements


A Storage Solution: Using the File Browser, upload a file to your File Share.

- Go to Theater mode, then Temporary Files, and upload any file to File Share.

Cool File, Bro: Recommend a file to someone.

- After doing the previous achievement, go to your File Share and select 'Recommend' (Note: may be worded differently.)

A New Challenger: Complete all of the Daily Challenges in a given day.

- Can't really help, but my advice is to try to do this on days when you have a lot of free time. For 'killing x numbers of enemy in any game mode', use the custom Firefight Settings above. Also, go for the hardest challenges first. You may do other easier ones while you do them.



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Philmore McBogus says...
Oh but this is quite the contrary. And by whom do you mean guys?

How is it the contrary? Understand the meaning of words before using them online, asshole. And by guys I mean the several other members who built this site (around 10 last time I checked, not the two you quote).
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Oh but this is quite the contrary. And by whom do you mean guys?
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Ignore the troll, guys
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With the current weekly challenge you can get 'A New Challenger' and '1 Down, 51 to go' at the same time, since the weekly is to complete all dailys.